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Welcome to MohammediaTechnologies

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islam is a religion of peace . since the day 1 since the time of adam. allah has sent down his messengers to teach humanity and remaind humanity the reason they are created the only reason we are here to worship the one mighty allah and follow the sunnah(ways) of prophet mohammed


when adam is created his place was in jannah(paradise) and saitan decieved him and he was thrown on earth. so we have came down to earth from paradise we should go back to place where we belong

Current contents

our site mainly focus on video islamic videos in terms of banays nasheed live makkah and madina there are 1000s of videos available in different categories such as 1. quran reciters 2. bayans 3 . nasheed 4. quran tafseer and many more

Finished Projects we have devloped android application which is live in market.
Future plan: 1. planning to make a move in webdesining 2.iphone apps 3. windows apps